Series: Mail Order Brides Historical Romance, Book 2
Genres: Christian Living, Christian Romance, Frontier, Historical Fiction, Inspirational, Mail Order Bride, western, Writing
Length: Novel
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
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Spring, 1870, Calaveras, California

Hee-Haw!  We hope you are ready for another trip out West this, this spring, as we travel from the East coast all the way to Calaveras County, California! This time, we will be travelling with our good friend, Abigail! She is a kind, gentle young woman who has a strong affinity towards her father, Alan, but doesn’t quite get along well with her mother, Colette. She is seeking someone to start a family with, but when an unfortunate incident involving her school master arises, she is forced to leave New York to start over. So, she heads out West in hopes to find the love of her life, but what she encounters will make her regret that she ever left the comforts of her home!


What dramatic event happened between her and the School Master that made her leave?

Why does she not get along with her Mother?

What made her regret that she ever left New York?


So, saddle up and come enjoy the ride with Abigail! You will quickly see how she is a blast to hang around and become drawn to her heart of gold. You will grip the pages because of all the intense moments she encounters on her ride and at the same time, stand in awe at the way she is able to handle herself in any given situation. Be sure to grab yer six-shooter because you are sure as heck going to need it on this bumpy ride from the East coast to the West!

“This is a story about fear, faith, tragedy, triumph and true love.”

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