Ana and Leda

Ana and Leda
Series: Mrs. Eva Crabtree's Matrimonial Services, Book 11
Genres: Christian Living, Christian Romance, Frontier, Historical Fiction, Inspirational, Mail Order Bride, western
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House

Clean and Wholesome American mail order bride historical western short story romance.

1890 Atlanta, Georgia.

This historical, inspirational and heartwarming Western romance much-loved series is about Mrs. Eva Crabtree’s Matrimonial Services quest to match and train East Coast young ladies with gentleman Out West in their hopes of finding genuine love with character, manners, and morals as the foundation.

Meet Ana and Leda Kuzmich, two Russian sisters who travelled with their family to a tiny flat an uncle’s friend has secured for them in Harlem. They all left behind their desperate situation in Saint Petersburg and moved to a new place to make a living. Their Pa, Viktor, worked in a construction company while Ana and Leda go to the same factory, sewing the same buttons onto the same bodices. Both had always secretly dreamed of getting out of the house and having a bigger life for themselves, however, life is difficult for them.

One day in early December, when the bite of winter has truly begun to enter the air, a terrible fire ended so many lives at the construction site, and their Pa is one of them. They kept this news a secret to their mother and shouldered the responsibilities of their deceased father. Running out of food and resources, Ana and Leda did what is needed to be done in order to support their family and move forward. They will become a mail order bride and are bound to see Mrs. Crabtree.


Mrs. Crabtree wondered what she had done in accepting two non-English speakers into her home. Will Mrs. Crabtree handle them well despite the challenge in communication?

Eva had grown fond of the two girls, what were the gifts she had given them before they depart to meet their match?

Leda married a wealthy banker from Colorado Springs while Ana married a rancher from north of Denver. Is Leda living happily with her husband or having a miserable life?


Hang on now and get your hankies ready, as you join us on this inspiring but suspenseful adventure across the globe with the fierce blond-haired Ana and her perky younger sister Leda as they battle against life’s challenges and overcome trials for their family. See if they can turn everything around as they meet their match and if they will find true love with their married life.



....“a story of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”....

While this book is part of a romance series, it can be definitely be read as a standalone book.


Kat Carson:

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#1 Best Seller in Religious
#1 Best Seller in Religion & Spirituality


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Kat Carson’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American mail order bride historical Western book romance series are enjoyment for all ages from Teen & Young Adult to a more mature audience.

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