Marnie, Esme and Tina

Marnie, Esme and Tina
Series: Mrs. Eva Crabtree's Matrimonial Services, Book 10
Genres: Christian Living, Christian Romance, Frontier, Historical Fiction, Inspirational, Mail Order Bride, western
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House

Clean and Wholesome American mail order bride historical western short story romance.

Atlanta, Georgia, 1888.

This historical, inspirational and heartwarming Western romance much-loved series is about Mrs. Eva Crabtree’s Matrimonial Services quest to match and train East Coast young ladies with gentleman Out West in their hopes of finding genuine love with character, manners, and morals as the foundation.

Meet Marnie, she was a small, flaxen-haired girl of twenty with a sprinkling of freckles across her nose. She has an aptitude for cooking and baking, and that she’d been matched with a banking assistant in the West, a man by the name of Jack Launders. However, just six weeks after her departure, she came frightened.

Meet Esme Trainor, at twenty-three years old, she got engaged to be married, but her fiancé had unfortunately died in a wagon accident two years ago. Time had passed, she now thought that she had recovered from her grief and wished to be wed. Eva had shown her a number of gentlemen’s applications, but each time after reading the candidate’s letters and looking at their photographs, she had shaken her head. And Tina Johnson, a twenty-four-year-old lady, with dark hair and brown eyes. She made a bad impression to Eva from the day they met. Eva thought Tina have not been truthful with her.

Did Marnie dislike Jack or had he been unkind to her and treated her badly that’s why she ran away?

Has Esme totally recovered from the tragic death of her fiancé or she has not moved on at all?

Is Tina what she seems to be or she’s been spinning lies all along?

Come, join Eva and the girls Marnie, Esme and Tina in the dining area as they prepare you a plate containing hot buttered scones topped with peach jam, and a cup of tea. Learn about the stories of these young ladies as they train and get sent out to meet their match. Hang out with the likes of Angeline, a friendly and outgoing help of Eva who loves to meet the newcomers. Missy, who loves to bake and Sarah who can’t stop laughing at Esme’s tall stories.

....“a story of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”....

While this book is part of a romance series, it can be definitely be read as a standalone book.

Kat Carson:

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Kat Carson’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American mail order bride historical Western book romance series are enjoyment for all ages from Teen & Young Adult to a more mature audience.

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