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Clean and Wholesome American mail order bride historical western short story romance.

Summertime 1875, things are starting to heat up out in the Wild West.

This historical, inspirational and heartwarming Western romance much-loved series is about Mrs. Eva Crabtree’s Matrimonial Services quest to match and train East Coast young ladies with gentleman Out West in their hopes of finding genuine love with character, manners, and morals as the foundation.

Meet Rose Evelyn, she became an orphan at a young age of four and was left in the care of her cruel uncle. Rose had been shackled to that family ever since, trailing after her uncle’s nine children like ducklings. They live in the swamps of central Florida, Rose had spent her days swatting mosquitoes, mending for the family, and cooking for them. For fourteen years, Rose had lived a life full of fear and pain, from the beating of her uncle when drunk.


“You lying thieving crook! Ungrateful little urchin! We took you in, Ernie and I, out of the kindness of our own hearts! And the way you treat us!”


Her uncle kicked her out of the house for good. She had not cried, but she had let a pebble of hurt settle into the bottommost crook of her heart. She had kept her face stone and her pace quick. No, she would not look back, nor retort, nor return, ever. She vowed this to herself, and she would never have to see the family again. Rose had nowhere to run, no money and other resources to live and so she found herself at Mrs. Crabtree’s.


Her cousin Selma came to see Eva one afternoon and feed her lies to destroy Rose’s image. What is her accusation this time? Will Selma be triumphant in her plans?

Rose kept a secret no one knew about, not even Selma. What is the thing that had caused her uncle to banish her from the house forever?

Rose is about to go out West and meet her husband-to-be, however, Selma resisted and threatened to follow her there. So Rose colluded Eva on a plan. Would Selma buy it?


Get your hankies ready, you’ll need it as you learn Rose's shocking revelations and her secret. You’ll get to know the demanding, unreasonable and unapproachable Selma, the youngest daughter of her uncle, who had been her friend, though only when it was convenient to the former. Selma had grown into a master of manipulation, but only Rose knew about it and she ought to ruin Rose’s life! Also, meet Rose’s husband-to-be, Mr. John Gallagher, a widower who is left to care for his three lovely kids when his wife died. Find out how Rose managed to escape from her cousin’s shadow and the dark past she left behind. Moreover, will John accept the truth and show her love despite all the tragedy?


....“a story of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”....

While this book is part of a romance series, it can be definitely be read as a standalone book.


Kat Carson:

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Kat Carson’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American mail order bride historical Western book romance series are enjoyment for all ages from Teen & Young Adult to a more mature audience.

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